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We provide research-based nutrition products regarding feed safety assurance to meet the rising demand for animal proteins.

At Cairo Feeds Factory, success is not just a goal; it's a guarantee. Join us in our mission to feed success and foster health for animals everywhere.

We are a leading manufacturer of premium animal feeds and derivatives based in Cairo, Egypt. With a strong commitment to research-based nutrition and safety assurance, we are dedicated to meeting the rising demand for animal proteins while prioritizing the health and well-being of animals worldwide.

Mission & Vision

VISION: Meeting the safe and nutritional feeds.
To be recognized by the customers as one of the high-quality feeds supplier that contributes sustainable and accessibility of safe and healthy feeds worldwide.

MISSION: To be a trusted brand for product innovation and quality, continuously improving food production and develop solutions that improve animals’ health

Our Values


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Ready to elevate your animal nutrition and join us in promoting healthier livestock and a sustainable future?

Why Choose Cairo Feeds Factory

Research-Based Nutrition

Our feeds are developed based on the latest research and industry knowledge, ensuring that your animals receive the best possible nutrition.

Safety Assurance

We have stringent safety measures in place to guarantee that our feeds are safe for consumption and comply with international standards.

Global Reach

With our international presence, we are proud to serve customers worldwide, contributing to the growth and success of the agricultural sector.